HYT Sails into Sydney & Team Alinghi clinches the Extreme Sailing Series Championship !

HYT Sails into Sydney & Team Alinghi clinches the Extreme Sailing Series Championship !

Swiss luxury independent watch brand HYT confirms its presence in Australia during 4-day Extreme Sailing Series Championship and appoints MAD & Associates as exclusive agent for the brand. 

HYT launched its footprint in Australia with a 4-day series of events and sponsorship in partnership with MAD & Associates, exclusive agent for the brand in Australia.

Proud sponsor of one of the 8 participating sailing teams, Team Alinghi, HYT hosted press and customers at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron for the final leg of the Extreme Sailing Series 2016 held in Sydney Harbour from 8 to 11 December 2016.

Guests got to meet the Alinghi crew, and despite some very strong winds (of up to 35 knots), they also managed some on-board sailing experiences on the super-fast flying hydro-foiling GC32 catamarans at the Sydney Harbour. 

After-hour activities, hosted by HYT Partner & CEO Gregory Dourde, Friend of the Brand Peter Hackett and the HYT team, included a twilight sail with media friends on-board a 105ft Sun Seeker yacht that toured the Sydney Harbour. During the second evening HYT hosted 15 customers in an intimate sit-down dinner at the Australian National Maritime Museum, a beautiful setting and juxtaposition of old and new, of traditional and modern.

Gregory Dourde commented, ‘fluids are our playground and I can’t think of a better setting than the Extreme Sailing Series in one of the most beautiful harbours in the world to launch HYT in Australia. We met some very passionate collectors over the last few days and great press personalities. We’re looking forward to growing our business here.’

MAD & Associates Managing Director, Nicholas Hooper added, ‘I’m very happy to have introduced HYT to Australia and I expect the unprecedented innovation that HYT has brought to watchmaking to strongly resonate with Australians. Early indications show that collectors here are already very excited.’

The four days finished with the 11 December Grand Finale where Alinghi was the proud winner and champion of the Extreme Sailing Series 2016.

A smooth finish to HYT’s 3rd full commercial year of activity! 

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